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Ashley + Charles @ Beltane Ranch in Sonoma

Ashley Larsen and Charles Baron were married at the beautiful Beltane Ranch in Sonoma.  Beltane Ranch is a working ranch and bread and breakfast, surrounded by grazing horses, cattle, olive orchards, vineyards and lovely organic gardens. 

Born and raised in Nebraska, Ashley grew up with horses.  Her love for these gentle creatures shines through in these photos. 

Leah and Rafael from Spiral Hand enhanced the naturally beautiful setting with their amazing talent.  Karin Kamb, the day of coordinator from Clever Girl Consulting and the staff from Girl and the Fig could not have been more friendly.  And the food was off the charts!

Ashley and Charles relocated to Boston immediately following the honeymoon.  May these photos keep their hearts warm this winter!  Congratulations Ashley and Charles and thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding!  Thank you Hayley Durack for assisting me with capturing these photos!


Today’s Bride –the Cover Photo Shoot

The day finally arrived – it was time to create the Today's Bride vision:  Retro-Deco.  We wanted the era of the Mad Men inspired décor and fashion to meet the Cowboy Chic ranch – and watch the collide perfectly!

Both Kevin Meynell and Kathleen Harrison (who I met on the amazing Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball Shoot with Eliot Holtzman in 2006) helped me with the lighting for this shoot.   

The team from my favorite salon, Atelier Emmanuel did the “be-hive inspired” up-do and amazing makeup.  Andrew from Studio MSV documented the day with his Vertical Style, mad video skills.  The amazing gown was from Priscilla of Boston.  And those shoes!!!! (we couldn’t decide between the two so we used both) They are from Hey Lady by the Leung Twins.  A big thanks to Hartman Studios for the rentals!

Here’s the cover, about the cover and some other yumminess for you to enjoy!


And for some "behind the scene" photos.....


Today’s Bride – The Scout for the Cover 

I’ve been photographing the cover of Today’s Bride Magazine for a few years now.  When I met with Cristine Thomas last year to discuss the plan for the 2011 covers she said: “We’ve decided to try something new this year and leave the covers up to you!”.  I thought WOW – now this is going to be fun!

I was in the middle of planning my own wedding, following the theme of “Cowboy Chic | Denim and Diamonds” at Burning Man.  I had researched many great ideas – all of which I abandoned and left everything up to my dear friends at Asiel Design.  But the ideas were planted and I wanted to create my vision. 

If I were to get married any other way, I would do it at a ranch, with lots of horses, on a bright sunny day, in a barn, with simple but elegant décor, and lots of hay…. I like hay – I grew up climbing on piles of hay at the neighbor’s barns.

Leah and Rafael from Spiral Hand Design instantly popped into my mind.  I’ve worked with them on a handful of events.  They have such an elegant, simple style that I love.  Leah is me – she’s my sister from another mother!  And Rafael is always happy and fabulous! 

We all set off in search of the perfect venue.  A friend of a friend had an amazing ranch in Petaluma (it’s private, not for rent – sorry!).  I hope you enjoy the scout photos of the farm as well as the upcoming photos from the cover and the about the cover shoot!  




Cowboy Chic / Denim and Diamonds – T&T get HITCHED at Burning Man!

2003 was the year for me to finally give into my friends and go to this party in the desert everyone obsesses about – Burning Man. I was skeptical, for I was certain it was not my scene.  When I arrived late the first night, the energy was something that I can still feel in my body today.  Finding the words are a challenge, but the first that come to mind are friendly, warm, energetic, exciting, eye-opening, fun!, real, surreal, safe, creative, unexpected, amazing, profound, unbelievable, and breathtaking.   I went back to Burning Man every year.

These same words express how I felt on my second day in 2007.  I unexpectedly met Travis Pynn, the love of my life – my husband.  Travis, you take my breath away.  Thank you for being you and for standing by my side.

To most of our friends it was no surprise that Travis and I decided to bring our relationship full circle and get married at Burning Man.  What surprised us is that so many of our family and friends (some who have never been) made the trek out to the playa to celebrate our wedding.  THANK YOU – it would not have been as special to us without you!

We planned to have our ceremony under the statue – Bliss Dance, created by a good friend.  It was his first year creating art on the playa and his vision was breathtaking.  Marco – thank you.  We asked our friend, Damien (a.k.a. HAWK) to officiate the wedding.  We knew that Damien would take our ceremony to heart.  We were torn because he’s an amazing photographer (Damien Noble Andrews), and we wanted him to take photos….but we knew he was to play a different role in our wedding.  We did ask him to do some engagement photos of us! - THANK YOU!

Adrienne Pfeiffer, you are not only beautiful, but you have an amazing voice.  Thank you for singing at our ceremony!!!  

Camp 11:11, thank you for our reception, our transportation, and our home.  Our amazing friends from Redding CA create a wonderful, safe refuge for all of us to celebrate together and to play on the playa.  You all worked so hard – cooking, prepping, transporting, building, and cleaning.  THANK YOU!

Our wedding was to be simple:  write our own ceremony, get hitched, celebrate with a big BBQ back at camp, and go to bed early.  Of course we wanted to make it special, so we added a few personal touches here and there (after all, I am in this industry)!  To our surprise, our friends from Asiel Designs showed up with more than their beautiful smiles, our bouquet and boutonniere.  Unexpectedly they transformed our humble playa home to a cowboy chic wedding reception!  WOW!  Again, it’s so difficult to find words to express our gratitude.  I only had one conversation with Jonathan….he was asked a bunch of questions about Burning Man, me and Travis, our vision, and our ceremony.  It was like he crawled inside my head and saw what I wish we could have at our wedding.  He and Linnae created our dream reception.  You both are unbelievably talented….scary talented!  THANK YOU!

Every woman dreams about her wedding day, but I think they dream more about the dress.  I searched and searched for the perfect dress – gave up, got a normal one, and then said, “No!”  Less than a month before the wedding I reached out to Zalikha Safdari.  I photographed Zalikha and Hooman’s wedding 2008.  After their wedding they started Ossai – a bridal accessory company.  Zalikha took me by the hand to Britex Fabrics (literally) and helped me pick out the fabric for my dress.  I had a vision, and she executed it for me.  My playa-wedding gown was born less than three weeks later.  Zalikha – THANK YOU!

Thank you Cristine Thomas for featuring our wedding in your baby – Today’s Bride Magazine.  You are a dear friend and were part of many important steps in planning our wedding (she was the first to take me dress shopping).  The photos you see featured are a combination of two amazing, talented photographers:  Catherine Hall and Kevin Meynell.

Catherine is a Burning Man veteran.  I reached out to Catherine as soon as we decided to have our wedding on the playa. Her images from Burning Man are like looking into the souls of her subjects.  Her wedding images are world famous.  Thank you Catherine for taking time out of your playa vacation to capture our memories! 

Kevin – the images of you on the playa bring a huge smile to my face.  Kevin is a dear friend and my partner in my profession.  He knows my good side and my bad side (not just on camera).  He just ‘gets’ me.  His images are edgy, fun and never normal.  Thank you my dear friend, the wedding would not have been the same without you.

The moral to this story – your wedding is your day.  But it is not what you plan; it’s the people that make it special.  


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The Wood's "Cowboy Wedding" in Fresno


Can I be two places in one day? Not that I’m aware of, so I was lucky to hire another team to photograph this ‘Cowboy Wedding’ at a privae ranch in beautiful Fresno (yes, it was very beautiful!). There was not a whole 'lotta hay & horses - quite the opposite!  Check out the swanky decor by Robert Fountain.  Dinner was a RAW bar, Prime Rib and lobster for EVERYONE!  After all - it was the wedding of the owner of HARRIS RANCH!!!


Wedding Coordinator & Desinger: Robert Fountain