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Hello! I'm Tara Arrowood, fine-art equine photographer.

I am honored to have your interest in my work. My photographic journey with horses has no limit. I welcome the opportunity to document your horse’s story.

I’ve always been the one behind the camera. My life is documented with albums full of 4x6 prints of all my adventures since childhood. With much perseverance and sacrifice, I built a successful photography business, focusing on weddings, events and lifestyle photography. In 2010, I started exploring the horse-human connection through my lens. Beginning with horse sanctuaries, I wanted to connect with the beautiful creatures and give them a voice. And so began my journey with equine photography. Since then, my work has expanded to include commissions for equestrian portraits and lifestyle equestrian photoshoots. I have exhibited my collection of horse portraits and fine art at several art shows and horse parks throughout northern California.

I like to take the time to connect to the beautiful spirit of the horse. My goal is to place the horse or horses in the best light in a comfortable, safe and somewhat unbridled situation. I understand how horses move and can work around them by putting myself in the right place to get the right shot. I can find light anywhere, whether out in the wild with a herd or inside the safety of a stable or gated ranch. My portrait work is typically very ‘bare’ with minimal bridals and saddles. The portraits focus on capturing the beauty of the horse, their resilient spirit, and unbridled nature. Discovering what makes each horse unique, why they are special to you, and capturing their beauty and their inner freedom is my work, Unbridled.
 ~ Tara Arrowood